Most of have started the countdown to the school starting, back to the daily chores and looking forward to the weekends, the only time you get, to spend quality time with the family.  We've had a great summer break an opportunity to create those precious memories. With only a few more weeks left, what have you planned, short breaks, family get together, day events or some dining, what ever your plan, we hope it meets your satisfaction. If you looking to dine then pop round to our Tapas Bar Restaurant, located in Market Harborough, where you can try out some of our tasty Spanish dishes with some drinks or may be a cocktail.

Pop round and try our Chef's Special

Langostinos Con Jalapenos - 3 Pan fried tiger prawns with garlic and jalapenos

Lubina Crujiente - 5, 1 Pan fried fillet of sea bass on a bed of mixed leaves

Mejillones - 8 Mussels in a spicy tomatoe sauce

Pollo Con Esparragos - 7 Grilled chicken breast with asparagus and brie in a creamy sauce

and more :)